Perhaps everyone in Russia knows about this beautiful place. Baikal is located in Eastern Siberia and ranks 8th among the largest lakes in the world, and the first in depth, 1642 meters. The age of Lake Baikal is 25-35 million years old, which is beyond comprehension. With all this, it continues to grow! Scientists say that, perhaps, this is the future ocean.

The water of the lake is very transparent, the bottom can be viewed at a depth of 40 meters. This place attracts tourists all year round, but the best months to visit are from July to September, when you can admire nature and even swim in bays and coves where the water warms up enough. And in February-March, you can admire the ice of Lake Baikal, it’s incredible! Winter Baikal is depicted on the protective tag of our sweatshirt.

Interesting information about Baikal you can find in the article by Anastasia Parakhina on Yandex Travel at the link:

And we were inspired by this place and named a cozy oversize sweatshirt made of organic cotton after him. Because it’s just as big and beautiful.