Quality protection

Meet our young artist Maria! She loves nature and high-quality youth clothing very much. And Masha is also a creative person, and her creativity, together with the creativity of our designer Sonya, helps protect our brand from fakes. How does this happen?

Masha was inspired by our concept, and she decided to draw the regions after which our models are named – you can find the originals of her drawings in our office 😊

Designer Sonya processed these drawings and made them electronic. At a factory in Bangladesh, jacquard tags were made from these drawings, which are very difficult and expensive to repeat.

Each DAY OFF product has such a jacquard tag inside. This tag shows the region after which the product is named. And on the website www.dayoff.life in the footer, you can read about the regions and compare the jacquard tag with the original image.

We support the creativity of aspiring artists and are glad that such a beautiful and talented artist as Maria works with our brand!